Before entering Wizzy World you must register at Reception, agree to and abide by the Wizzy World Rules of Play. To speed up your entry process you may complete your Entry Registration Form and bring with you on your next visit!.




Rules of Play

For everyone's safety and comfort, so you get the most out of your Wizzy World experience, guests must follow our Rules of Play:


Any accident must be reported to a member of staff and recorded in the accident book. It is important to follow the safety rules when using the equipment.


All persons entering the building are charged and permitted full use of the play equipment. Children's shoes must be left in reception. Adults must remove their shoes before entering the play areas. Adults must also wear socks in the play areas.


Children must be under 12 years and under 4'9" (1.45 metres). Children aged 12 - 17 may be admitted at the manager's discretion, if accompanied by a younger sibling together with a responsible adult.


Wizzy World wish to make our facilities available to all. We are a nut free zone. Please help us to keep it this way by not bringing your own food into the centre.


It is not permitted to change nappies in public areas. A room is provided for this purpose.


No form of bullying, unsociable or rough behaviour will be tolerated by either children or adults. Anyone causing such behaviour will be asked to leave after one warning. The decision is entirely at the discretion of the management of Wizzy World. No refund will be given. It is also unacceptable to cause damage to the playframe structure or facilities. Anyone doing so will be expected to pay for the repair.


Customers park their vehicles in the Wizzy World car park entirely at their own risk. Wizzy World does not accept any responsibility for vehicles or their contents.


Keeping the centre clean is very important to us in delivering excellent customer service. We take great pride in this and we maintain the highest standards. Therefore we ask you to help us keep it this way. If any food or drink is accidentally spilled, please advise us immediately. Whilst our toilets and change rooms are inspected regularly, if you are not satisfied, please advise us.


Children must be dressed to play safely. Feet must be covered at all times. It is strongly recommended that arms and legs are also covered at all times. Man made fibres are not recommended. An extra pair of socks provides added comfort. Shoes, jewellery, watches, spectacles (unless shatterproof) necklaces, rings, chains, badges, pens, pencils and any sharp objects must be removed. Clothing with sharp or metal/glass decoration cannot be worn e.g. jeans with metal studs.


In the unlikely event that we have an emergency please follow the instructions of the duty manager and staff on site. All Emergency exits are clearly marked and lit. The assembly point is designated as the corner of Smith Street and Eastern Valley Way.


qualifies customers for a single play session. No time limits are applied to play sessions. To see pricing please see our contact us page or signage at reception.


A child must be accompanied by an adult (aged 18+) and an adult must accompany a child. Supervision of children's parties must be on the basis of 1 adult per every 5 children.


Children are not permitted to carry matches, fireworks or any combustible material anywhere in the play centre. Smoke sensors are installed in all toilets and communal areas.


Food and drink must not be taken into the playframe at any time. It is also forbidden for any person, child or adult, to eat sweets or chew gum whilst using the equipment as this could be very dangerous. Only food and drink purchased from the Wizzy World café may be consumed on the premises, except for babies under 12 months who are still weaning. In this case parents are permitted to bring their children's milk and other forms of toddler food. We provide facilities to heat this but we cannot be responsible for the temperature at which the food is fed to the child.


Crockery and cutlery are strictly limited to the cafe area and are not allowed at any time in the play area.


Wizzy World Pty Ltd does not accept responsibility or liability for loss or injury of whatever nature caused through misuse of equipment or lack of supervision by a parent or accompanying responsible adult.


Smoking is not permitted in any part of Wizzy World. Anyone so doing will be asked to leave. No refunds of entry prices will be given.


is not permitted in the play centre.


Wizzy World does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any personal articles or possessions


Spectacular slides, designed to provide thrilling rides, form an important part of our playframe. They are perfectly safe despite their 'awesome' looks. It is, however, important to follow some basic rules. Children must go down in a forward facing sitting position. They must not push or be pushed by other children. We recommend that children fold their arms to avoid touching the sides and do not hold hands as persons of varying weights travel at different speeds. On reaching the landing pad, both children and adults should immediately exit the slide area to avoid other people colliding with them. Under no circumstances should children or adults attempt to climb up any slides from the bottom as they could be hit by other people coming down.


Children must be supervised at all times by the parent or responsible Escort accompanying them. Wizzy World does not accept responsibility for child supervision whilst on our premises or using the equipment. Our staff have access to first aid. Our staff are not available to supervise your children. This is your obligation.


Children who are injured, sick or nauseous are not permitted to use the play facilities. All children should use the toilet before entering the playframe.